Hot Crosses and Big Buns

Posted on April 24, 2011


See this?

This is me…breaking the rules.

I am such a baking rebel.

I’m sorry Fresh From The Oven, I know I am not supposed to post about the monthly challenge until the 28th but I can’t let Easter Sunday go by and not show you my Hot Cross Buns. The recipe makes 24 buns.

“24 BUNS! What am I going to do with 24 buns?” I asked myself.

I didn’t know the answer so I decided to make 8 chunky buns and a huge loaf sized one.

Big Bertha became known as ‘Big Buntha’ and made really good fruity toast for breakfast.

I didn’t use citrus peel, as I believe it to be the Devil’s food, so it’s surely not an appropriate Easter ingredient. I used cherries instead, much nicer. I also didn’t glaze the crosses on but just slashed the tops before I baked them.

I kind of like the ‘not bought from a shop’ rustic look it gives them.

So, there you go. I think I am converted. Hot Crosses and a Big Bun for Easter.

Many thanks to Helen from Simply Cooked for hosting this month’s challenge. Here is a copy of the original recipe in printable form.