Posted on April 28, 2011


I had two projects in mind during this years extended Easter break; a treehouse for George that was promised but not delivered last summer and secondly growing a beard.  One of these projects is lacking in structure, not adding any visual amenity to the surroundings and generally progressing haphazardly without direction; thankfully the treehouse went OK.

Technically its more of a platform than a house, decking for those with a taste for danger.

George and I worked on this together and if you can look beyond me being a terrible and intolerant teacher, I think we both got something out of it.

Ernie got a stick out of it;

Any project that you can sit on at the end for beer and Pringles is all right by me

Thanks for looking, Ed

NB – I should point out that I was only a day or so into my other project at the time of these photos, since then progress has been sporadic and the outlook is mixed, with a forecast of shaving before going back to work next week.

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