Peanut Wednesday

Posted on April 13, 2011


Today I feel the need for peanuts, and a peanut butter and jam sandwich just isn’t going to cut it.

A while ago I made this very moreish Peanut Sauce within minutes of seeing it on David Lebovitz blog. The darkly roasted peanuts ground up with hot tea have an amazing aroma. It’s even better once you add the warming, spicy ingredients to the mix.

To save me from my own greed, and poised spoon, I froze some for a day like today. So I’m going to dig out some of this rich, spicy sauce for lunch, with chicken and noodles. It will counteract the ‘kids tea’ that I will have to make later as George is having a friend round.

I am really enjoying David’s blogposts at the moment. Detailed descriptions of intriguing food from around the world is making me want to travel and try things like the Gruyere Double Cream with melting meringues, or Swiss Lard de Begnins bacon and even Garret’s Caramel Corn.

Food rocks.

Now I’d better go and so some of the tasks that fill the gaps between meals.

Here’s a link to the peanut sauce recipe.