How to make a Cajón

Posted on September 6, 2011


I know, enough with the Cajóns already.

OK, but just one more thing, then I really will shut up. Several people have asked about me making a Cajón for them, but a combination of time pressure and the difficulty of actually doing it for less than the commercially available models mean its not really viable.

What I can do though, is offer a couple of sketches of what I did. Please bear in mind that this is the only Cajón I have ever made so I have a sample size of one for the information I offer, but it works and sounds as good to my ear as a commercially available model.

This is an easy project and hugely satisfying – if you fancy owning a cajon just give it a go. I’m happy to answer questions, just add them as comments in this post and I’ll respond.


For black and white printable plans click on the blueprints. For the original post click here.
The original post is here: Cajón.

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