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Carnival 2010

July 14, 2010


Saturday 10th July was the date of 2010’s Ambergate Carnival. I was not on the committee this year having been involved in fundraising and events for Carnivals 2008 and 2009. Luckily this meant I had chance to enjoy the Circus themed day and take a few photos. The parade included juggling clowns, the colourful marching band, the […]

Pick Your Own!

June 26, 2010


This week we went strawberry picking at Scaddows Farm, Ticknall. It was a real nostalgia trip for me as I used to go there as a kid. In those days they were known as ‘Ted Moults Strawberry Fields’ Y’know…That bloke off the Everest double glazing telly adverts back in the 80’s? I love the fact that […]

Ernie the dog

June 6, 2010


It’s Sunday morning, 7am. The thunder and lightning storm woke me up and now I am stuck in an inbetweeny world where I am awake, yet the internet is broken. For some reason the interweb can’t seem to squeeze through the wires when it rains here. To keep me company Ernie, Border Terrier, 19 months […]

1st Blogiversary

May 29, 2010


** This giveaway is now complete ** Things we make We started the blog on a whim a year ago today and since then it has taken on a life of it’s own. Here are a few reminders, just click on the pictures to see a few of our exploits. From Ed and his furniture […]


May 22, 2010


Last night Friends of the school put on an Auction of Promises. Here is my offering of homegrown and homemade produce which was snapped up by our Head Teacher. It included rustic bread, bagels, tea loaf, granola, cheese straws, chutney and vegetable seedlings. George promise of ‘small pet sitting’ was bid for too, in fact […]

High Peak Trip

April 13, 2010


We just had a Weekend camping at Edale in the Peak District. First we pitched our tent, with a good view of the valley: Then George paddled in the stream: Next day we went on a hike up Kinder Scout. A Gritstone plateau and the highest point in Derbyshire: The views from the top are […]

Merry Christmas One and All

December 24, 2009


Just a few short hours until George can open his goodies under the tree. Ed and George are preparing me a birthday tea as I write this. Whilst I was up North photographing actors in the snow on Tuesday they made this lovely little Gingerbread house from a kit that George got for his birthday. […]

Snowdon or Bust

November 25, 2009


In the Summer we had a lovely camping trip to Wales, though even as we drove home we were hankering to go back. We have visited Snowdonia many times before but we felt that there were more things that we wanted to do. So as soon as we got home we booked a cottage for […]

Sunday Walkies

November 8, 2009


It took George and I until lunch time to get dressed and out for a walk today. That’s Sundays for you. When we finally got out the sun was shining, the trees were Autumnal and the dogster was champing at the bit. We saw some lovely toadstools and mushrooms on the way George did warn […]

Camp Sutton

July 29, 2009


We had a lovely Weekend in the Peak District with family Sutton. Although there was the inevitable rain we also lucked out with some brief sunny spells for a walk and Barbecue. The barbecue goodies were all sourced from Uncle Jerry’s, otherwise known as Jerry Howarth’s Butchers in Belper and hastily prepared and marinated on a wobbly camping […]

All over now

July 14, 2009


Ambergate Carnival 2009 is now complete. Although I have reached saturation point on all things Carnival I thought I should write a short post to commemorate it. I was busy in the parade and arena all day so was not able to take any photographs myself so I have included some of John Armstrong-Prior’s photos. There are […]

We Made a Blues Night!

July 11, 2009


Just a very quick post as we are mid carnival and are just about to set off to get ready for the parade. Last night we were honoured with the presence of the fantastic ZZ Birmingham for our opening night of Carnival celebrations. The evening started off in perfect sunshine and ended up with great […]

Sunday Funday

July 6, 2009


Ambergate Carnival Fun Family Sports Day and Pet Show was a good afternoon. The sun stayed with us throughout, and I hope that everyone had a nice, if slightly chaotic, afternoon.

It’s Carnival Season

June 12, 2009


Although Ambergate Carnival is not exactly a ‘Thing I Make’ I certainly played a part in raising the funds and organising it last year. This year I am Chairman, so feel even more responsible for making it be a good day! Last year we ran Parade Workshops and Dance Sessions, the School Painted a Mural, we had the Digger Dancers performing. […]

Things that George makes

June 11, 2009


I thought we had better include the other members of the team, so here is a picture of something George made. George is aged 7. He loves his lego and has recently happily graduated from Duplo. Vehicles and fighting machines seem to be his favourite subjects but he is not aversed to a building or […]

A Welshman and a Yorkshireman go into a pub…

June 6, 2009


                        These 2 chaps were carved to amuse myself on 2 different trips away. The Welshman on the left was carved in Trawsfyndd last Easter and the Yorkshireman on the right was carved on the beach at Filey last summer. Nowadays they stand as sentinels in alcoves on either side of the fireplace, where they’ve […]

Meet Ernie

June 2, 2009


Ernie is our Border Terrier who was one in September. He has changed our lives in many ways, ‘mostly’ for the better. He gets around 2 hours of walks a day which is good for him but also good for us as it gets us out into our beautiful local surroundings and we get to see things […]

Walnut and Lime

May 29, 2009


Tired of the tangle of necklaces and earings lying around the house, Ed designed and built this beautiful jewellery box with American Black Walnut and a base of Lime.

Welcome to the Things We Make Blog

May 29, 2009


Ed and Claire like to make stuff. Furniture, food, flowers and any number of other things. Take a look and see what we have been up to. We are new to blogging so it may take us a while to add some interesting stuff.