Sunday Walkies

Posted on November 8, 2009


It took George and I until lunch time to get dressed and out for a walk today. That’s Sundays for you.

When we finally got out the sun was shining, the trees were Autumnal and the dogster was champing at the bit. We saw some lovely toadstools and mushrooms on the way

George did warn me not to let Ernie off the lead, as he worries that when he runs off he won’t come back, but I couldn’t resist letting him go. Half a dozen times he ran around playing, but came back when called and had a treat, then went off again. So I got muddy knees and took some pictures of the surroundings.

Then, you could see the little trigger in Ernie’s mind switch to ‘bunny mode’ and he did a U Turn and was off towards the hill-o-rabbits. George and I were struggling to keep up with him as the mud was knee deep, so we took the long way round, all the time we could see him dashing too and fro in the distance.

I decided to try and not get stressed and continued to take photographs in the sunshine, whilst simultaneously yelling Ernie and knowing that he was taking no notice at all, much to the amusement of the local cows.

In the end we had to follow the trail up over the hill, where we found him in a fenced off quarry, bouncing around like Tigger. As it happens there were some interesting things to photograph there too so all was not lost.

We eventually managed to crawl out under a fence and get home, only slightly muddied. with ripped jeans and an exhausted Border Terrier.

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