Snowdon or Bust

Posted on November 25, 2009


In the Summer we had a lovely camping trip to Wales, though even as we drove home we were hankering to go back.

We have visited Snowdonia many times before but we felt that there were more things that we wanted to do. So as soon as we got home we booked a cottage for October half term; we are far too nesh to camp in Autumn. It was a lovely cosy little place with a log burner and was dog friendly, so Ern was welcome too and life was a bit easier with luxuries like a bathroom and a kitchen.

Ed likes climbing things, so he decided that we should challenge Mount Snowdon. I was a bit unsure about doing this as the weather was pretty changeable and Ern and George had not walked quite so far up hill before. To follow is a little photo essay from the snaps we took on our assault on the summit in what turned out to be a glorious sunny day. The picture above is of the lovely quiet Llyn Llydaw on the way back down.

Here Ed looks like he is dragging George as we went up the Pyg Track. In reality George never complained once and did a brilliant job walking all day.

The Pyg Track

Ern makes it to the top with barely a hair out of place as we finished the climb with the clouds whipping round us. This picture is featured on the Border Joy Website.

Meanwhile I have disguised the fact that I was red in the face by going grayscale:

And here is a picture of Ed and George right at the tippity top. I photoshopped out all the people milling about who cheated by catching the train to the summit:

And one last picture of the walk that we did on another day via Craig Ddu:

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