High Peak Trip

Posted on April 13, 2010


We just had a Weekend camping at Edale in the Peak District.

First we pitched our tent, with a good view of the valley:

Then George paddled in the stream:

Next day we went on a hike up Kinder Scout. A Gritstone plateau and the highest point in Derbyshire:

The views from the top are great, we could even see our tent down in the valley:

The rocks up there are kind of crazy, it reminded us of the scenery in ‘Up’ the movie.

Some of the path has been paved to protect the peat from erosion, it makes for easy walking on a sunny day.

It got pretty hot, I even got a bit sunburnt, but we cooled off in an icy stream filled with meltwater from the snow at the top.

The best thing about walking to the top of a hill?

The second half is all downhill.

The 2nd best bit?

A little farmhouse on the way down selling pints of cold drink, mugs of tea and delicious freshly made cake.

George opted for Fruit Squash and Lemon Drizzle cake. We chose a very welcome cuppa.

Then we got back to camp and took off our mucky boots.


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