Bun Round Up

Posted on October 29, 2011


Over the last month members of ‘Fresh From The Oven‘ have been baking my Cinnamon Bun recipe. The FFTO site now shows all the entrants here but I wanted to show you my pick of the bunch.

I am delighted that so many people put their own slant on the recipe. After all that’s how recipes are developed and made personal.

Like Lucy from Kitchen Maid who made hers with smashed chocolate and hazelnut spread. She says hers were so nice that she “Invited a friend around to share them with us and was actually glad when they couldn’t make it, they’re that good.” How fabulous!

Sarah made a Chopped Hazelnut and Almond version, whilst J’s Kitchen had some problems with her dough texture, but I still think they look pretty good. Sometimes halving the quantities can do strange things to a recipe.

Confessions of a Curious Cuisiniere was unsure about how long to cook her buns to make sure they were golden yet cooked in the middle, but I like her idea of the apple and pecan flavour. Sweetened breads can be tricky as they brown quickly on the top and stay very soft inside so I find a tin foil hat the best way to stop them baking too fast.

This was the first baking challenge for Slyce of my Life in Bahrain, and although she approached it with trepidation she was ‘ecstatic’ with the results, so I am so glad she joined in. Hungry Hinny was also a FFTO virgin so I am chuffed for her with a successful first outing of a Cinnamon and Apple bun.

Tina’s Kitchen made a slightly more healthy bun than mine with less butter and no icing:

Jo’s Kitchen also turned out a good-looking sticky-bun like version that she was pleased to report went down well with the ladies coffee morning.

But just look at Alex’s version on Dear Love Blog:

{photo removed}

Isn’t it beautiful? I love the way she has cut triangular shapes in the dough so it fills the pan completely.

Working London Mummy used the decadent rich looking Pioneer Woman Recipe, which I really wanted to try but was daunted by the quantities and the need for foil pans that I haven’t got.

These lemon curd flavoured buns from Sally At My Custard Pie look dreamy, yet another completely different take on the theme and the cream cheese icing sounds fantastic.

…and no Sally, I don’t mind you rebelling and trying a different flavour…I must try your famous Cinnabons too.

Please Don’t Feed the Animals made quirky square looking ones that are destined to become a family favourite. I rather like their style.

I’ll just add in this late entry because it is so creative and pretty. Cinnamon Roses from Mushitza.

It’s a weird feeling knowing that there are people all over the world trying one of your recipes. I kind of like it and I am glad that so many people enjoyed the challenge.

If you would like to experiment with bread recipes each month join the Fresh From The Oven team.