Pickle Post

Posted on October 25, 2011


So we’ve ridden the chutney wave and come out the other side. This year we are on a chutney break as we still have some of our own creations left and a few from family members and friends to work through.

But late in the season we ended up with a couple of mini gluts.

Cucumbers and Beetroots.

Now we love them both, and we did our best to eat them in various forms but we still had plenty to spare. Luckily they are the easiest things to pickle.

Cucumbers are a doddle. We sliced some, made spears from the others then covered them with lots of salt for 24 hours before rinsing and draining them. I bottled them with cold, spiced pickling vinegar, but sweetened the vinegar with some sugar, because no one wants a truly sour pickle. {UPDATE} We just tried some of these in January 2012 and they were way to salty. Must wash the salt off much more next time.

In case you are wondering 3 stumpy ‘bush’ style outdoor grown cucumbers perfectly fills one standard 0.5 l kilner jar, so you don’t have to have loads of produce to try this.

I boiled the bowl of baby beets in their skins for 30 minutes. The skin pretty much just falls off them once they have cooled, and what once was a mangy looking root becomes a shiny purple jewel of a thing. Then I stuffed them into jars and covered with cooled, sweetened, spiced pickling vinegar. {UPDATE} January 2012 we are eating these and they are fabulous! I am so pleased as they were mega-easy. Going to make lots more next year.


They are the new chutney.

Thinking about it, these pickles will be ready to eat in a month or two so they will make good presents for Christmas.

Vanessa at Prepped is encouraging us to make gifts this Christmas and that fits with my post last year ‘List for Christmas Future’.

I did say that I should get on and make things in advance this year and stop just talking about it. I usually plan to be all creative, but then things gets forgotten in the pre-Christmas panic.

Now what else have I got around here that can be pickled, preserved or brined…?