Ed’s Minestrone

Posted on November 6, 2011


Last weekend Ed made Minestrone. It is a delicious soup that my photos don’t do justice to as we had eaten most of it by the time I got my camera out, so it’s a bit heavy on the pasta in this shot.

Yesterday, in my usual control freaky way I uploaded the photos to the blog, added the tags and titles and waited for Ed to come and do the writing bit.

As it is now Sunday afternoon and he is still doing manly stuff in the workshop I decided this was not going to happen. So I’ve just been and interviewed him to get the details.

So, Ed, why did you make Minestrone Soup?

Because it’s delicious and it’s got lots of fresh vegetables in it and it’s an Autumnish kind of thing.

How did you make it?

I chopped up onion, carrot, celery and garlic. You know, your old mirepoix..no it’s not that is it? Well you know your watcha call it…well, that anyway.

Then what did you do with it?

I fried it in a bit of olive oil.

For how long?

Well just for a bit…No, no I put chorizo in first, because we had run out of pancetta. I fried the chorizo THEN added the vegetables. I can’t remember what else was in it. Oh yes, then I put some tomatoes in…or did I? No, I remember I didn’t actually use celery I used the rainbow chard stalks out of the garden instead. So I chopped chard stalks with the onion, carrots, and garlic.

Back in a minute…

*darts off to measure something important to do with the construction of a ‘block and tackle‘*

Then what did you do?

I added some chicken stock, a tin of tomatoes…some snapped up linguine and boiled it for about 10 minutes. *looks distractedly for a pencil*

Did you add some seasoning?

Yeah, probably. Then I added the chopped up chard leaves. Oh and then the croutons. I made the croutons with stale ciabatta fried in olive oil and butter. Then I put them on the soup with some grated parmesan.

Is that it?

Yes. I think so…what are you doing? Are you going to go and write this up and make me look stupid?