We’ve Published!

Posted on April 7, 2011


For the first time I feel justified in putting an exclamation mark in the title of a post, because we have now published the first edition of our magazine!

“etc.” magazine is full of articles about Derbyshire people and places, food, destinations and events. It is all put together by Deb and myself so it has been a busy few months researching, writing and shooting all the photos. In this edition we:

  • Visit a Pick Your Own Strawberry farm and advise how to make the most of your harvest
  • ‘Meet the Makers’ and tell you about some of the artisans living and working in Derbyshire
  • Ask ‘Should you grow your own?’ and talk about the trials of growing your own vegetables
  • Pick elderflower from the hedgerows and give you a recipe for elderflower cordial and sorbet
  • Geocaching – have you tried it? We’ll tell you the basics
  • Suggest some unusual ‘Ways to Stay’ in Derbyshire
  • Give you dates for events in Derbyshire during 2011
  • Talk about how Twittering has been adopted by local businesses and communities
  • Let you in on our favourite days out and some good places to eat

But on top of that the magazine also includes a directory of independent places to visit across the county from fabulousplaces.co.uk

Here are the first batch off the press, hand wrapped and ready for the post.

We are really proud of the finished product so we want to share it with as many of you as we can…whether you are in Derbyshire or not! You can find out a bit more about our journey to put etc together on our magazine blog.

They will be on sale at all fabulousplaces.co.uk events throughout the Spring and Summer, and it is for sale at several outlets in the County, but If you would like to order a copy to be delivered to your door you can order via Google Checkout by clicking below.

Thanks for reading!

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