Beautiful Vegetables

Posted on September 5, 2010


After returning from our recent trips away there were some interesting crops to collect from the garden.

If there is something in the garden more beautiful than cream coloured borlotti beans, speckled with scarlet, in their scarlet pods speckled with cream, then I have yet to find it.

Then there is the collection of crazy green tomatoes.

I didn’t buy a single tomato plant this year, but I was given some by my next door neighbour, collected some from a table outside another neighbours house labelled ‘Free tomato plants – please take some’ and was given another couple of plants by  a friend a little further down the road.

Tomatoes seem to be a neighbourly affair.

So I have gathered this motley collection of stripy, plum and cherry tomatoes. All of which have steadfastly remained green due to my lack of greenhouse.*

As soon as the boy is back at school there will be more things made from other things.

There will be green tomato chutney.

There will be borlotti beans slow cooked in olive oil and sage.

There will also be more yellow courgette soup and endless runner beans.

All recipe suggestions welcome…

But first there will be name tags sewn in school shirts and PE kits stuffed into school bags.


*Hint to Ed – Greenhouse needed for Harvest 2011