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Posted on August 31, 2010


I was on the phone to Deb from the other day, confirming details of the props we needed for a photo shoot at Amanda Hamilton’s lovely cottage in Duffield.

I suddenly heard a squeal. I thought Deb had trodden on a kitten, but no, she had spotted that The Derbyshire Magazine had used one of my photos on the front cover.

Back in June, The Derbyshire had interviewed Deb about her website Rather than have her photo’s taken by them she asked if it was okay to use photos by me: which was nice. So in July we set off on a little jaunt to take some ‘Deb out and about around Derbyshire’ pics for the article.

I thought I’d post a few of the photo’s that they used and the stories behind them.

We knew they would want a ‘smiling at camera shot’ in a Fabulous Place, so we obliged.

This was taken in the very relaxing garden at the Bottle Kiln at West Hallam and I can confirm that just after I took this shot I personally ate all of that chocolate and strawberry cake.

It’s part of the job.

We had a potter round the shop where I tried to get a photo of Deb ‘browsing’ for goodies.

“Shall I pretend to be looking at this Emma Bridgewater bowl?”

Next we headed up Chatsworth way and I caught Deb taking a photo of some cows:

So I grabbed one too, getting a little bit nettled in the process.

This is the one I took and they asked if they could use it for the cover. And they did.

After Chatsworth we came across the pretty village of Pilsley so I jogged down the road taking photos whilst Deb drove menacingly behind me. I captured this one of the car as she came past, just before the rain came down in buckets.

We had a delicious homity pie for lunch at Caudwells Mill (again – part of the deal, you understand) and fell head over heels for the gorgeous trio of Ducks that followed us around.

Here’s Deb and the ducks. She managed to get some great close-ups of them and their bright yellow beaks which you can see on the header of her site. We stopped short of stuffing them in the boot of the car and bringing them home.

This one is from back in April on one of our weekly dog walks at Shipley park.

Trying to keep Toby still whilst he wanted to run off and bark at a nearby synchronised kite display was not easy! Can you tell he didn’t want to pose for the camera? I was trying to stop Ernie bolting off at the same time too.

On the way back we called in at Cromford to see Susannah at Bow.

Deb is delighted with the 3 page article as it covers the history of the website and the plans for the future, you can see her blog post here.

It’s all good experience for our own publication that we are working on for next year.

More news soon!

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