George’s New Hobby

Posted on September 23, 2009


Just a little post from our little boy.

There will be more baking news when I can publish the results of my Fresh from the Oven challenge, plus I am baking cakes for a friends twins birthday at the Weekend. Ed is in the midst of building a deck, so there will be photo’s to follow soon for all those goodies. In the mean time here is something from George.

You see, he has found a new passion. It was only a matter of time but he has discovered the joy of taking things apart. This Weekend he took apart an ailing DVD player and a phone and then proceeded to construct something that could frighten the anti-terrorist squad with it’s fiendish collection of wires, batteries, circuit boards and LCD screens. The Airfix model Eurofighter is destined never to be finished as it’s a little to constrained and fiddly for his creative side.

He even took his creation in to school for ‘Check In’ on Monday. Now I keep getting requests of ‘Mum, can I take this apart?’, so if I go offline soon you will know that the computer was the next ‘project’.

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