Cupcakes again!

Posted on September 27, 2009


We have had another busy Weekend of enjoyable tasks. I’ve been baking cakes and Ed has been building a deck, whilst George has been playing with friends and helping out whenever he fancies, so everyone is happy.

Our Friends Katie and Adam have 2 lovely little twin girls Evie and Nell, and a boy called Archie too. It was Evie and Nell’s 2nd birthday this week so we headed down to Darley Park in Derby for a birthday gathering. The weather could not have been better (for late September) this Weekend, so it was perfect for the impromptu party; lots of sunshine and smiley faces.

I made some frosted cupcakes (Click here for the recipe) for the grown ups and iced cakes for the little ones, as we all know that they just want to pick off the icing anyway. We sang happy birthday to Nell and Evie and had a cup of tea from the caff. After that it was into the park for a quick playtime for the kids.

Then we had to head home for some more Weekend tasks and to make cups of tea for woodworker Ed whilst he tackled the new deck. I’m sure Ed will post about that as soon as it’s finished, but it is looking good already.

Happy birthday Nell and Evie.