Start of the Summer Harvest

Posted on June 30, 2009


Finally! Things are starting to flourish in the garden.

It seems to have been a slow start this year, in fact the french beans and the courgettes just seem to be lounging around enjoying the sunshine instead of getting on with growing. Perhaps I am not watering them enough, but I don’t like getting the hose out and it seems to bring the evil slugs and snails out when I do.

So for the last day in June this is where we are for ‘Harvest 2009’:

We have started to steal peas off some of the pea plants and eat them there and then, not enough for a meal yet. There are exactly 2, count them 2, mange touts ready to mange. The first batch of new potatoes are ready with many…many more to come (we went a bit tato mad this year due to the 2 tons of manure from our friendly farmer) The courgettes are flowering alot but not coming up with the goods just yet, we could supply Sainsbury’s with the amount of lettuce and rocket that is growing, not even the slugs are touching it which is odd.

The shallots and onions are filling out nicely, as are the redcurrants and alpine strawberries.  There is pak choi, lambs lettuce, spinach and new herbs too. It won’t be long before there is too much of everything so we are just enjoying the novelty of a little bit of everything at the moment.

The picture above shows the broad bean shoots that I just nipped out to help the plant bush out. I had not thought to eat them before until I saw the post in My Tiny Plot. They are the most delicious treat when blanched and eaten with butter, salt and pepper. A bit like a delicate version of asparagus. I love the fact that they each have a little black beauty spot.

Tonight we shall have homemade chicken pie (a creamy one with pancetta in it, a family favourite) and a cornucopia of summer garden produce!

There are more photo’s at our Flickr page.

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