Early Morning at The Loaf

Posted on June 25, 2009


Our local bakery “The Loaf” at Crich has a website, a blog and also uses Twitter. They make the most fantastic bread and cakes so I call in whenever I can.

I am always interested to know what their specials are so I suggested that they Twitter them on a regular basis. This seems to be working well for Andy and Roger and culminated in an interview on Radio Derby this morning at the shop to talk about the developments. Of course, as a keen customer I was there too!

I hope the extra publicity helps the guys to get some new customers.  The Loaf is a great bakery and cafe and I am really glad we have it on our doorstep. It’s in all our best interests to help traditional services like theirs to prosper to help keep our villages alive and to encourage us to spend less time and money at the supermarkets.

Here is a link to todays Loaf Blog

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