Things we didn’t make…at all

Posted on June 24, 2009


I was just wandering around the garden in the sunshine and noticed that the rather bridal looking netting over the redcurrants has done it’s job. For once the currants have managed to turn red without being stolen by the blackbirds.

Better still the sunlight was shining through the berries and they were glowing like christmas lights. Unfortunately by the time I had got my camera and got off the phone the sunbeam had gone. They still look quite nice though:

We didn’t plant any of the currants in the garden, they came with the territory and this is the only one we saved. Then as I wandered around I noticed a couple of other plants, that despite being here over 5 years, have never been seen before.

Foxgloves and their friends the bees pop up all over the place.

A verbascum has appeared in with the Alliums and a Geranium with the Chard:


A tiny purple iris has popped up, as well as poppies, spurge and roses. I love how even though we try too tame this garden it seems to have a mind of it’s own.

I decided to make a new Flickr set for the ‘Things we never planted’ which I shall add to whenever I make a new discovery.


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