Dark and Stormy

Posted on November 6, 2012


These short, cold days have me craving a ‘Dark and Stormy’.

Actually, more truthfully, they have led me to reminisce about drinking cocktails in the sunshine in Bermuda. It’s probably 13 years since Ed and I took a holiday there. It’s a magical place with turquoise seas and pink sandy beaches. We spent a week zipping around the island on mopeds, swimming with dolphins…and drinking these. It was our last holiday as a couple before George came along so perhaps we have a rose-tinted view of it, but the sun did shine and the rum tasted good.

I remember taking a boat across the bay to a beach bar and sipping on a Dark and Stormy as we watched the sunset. We discovered the leggy beach birds loved the maraschino cherries that the Bermudians habitually put into each cocktail. The sight of sandpipers running around with red cherries in their beaks had me in hysterics, or perhaps that was more to do with rum in the sun.

In Bermuda the rum was always ‘Gosling’s Black Seal’ but that’s a bit hard to track down in Derbyshire. It’s easy enough to find the Old Jamaica Ginger Beer though. It must be beer, not ale, mind you. You need the warming burn that ginger beer adds.

I make one of these by muddling a chunk of fresh lime with some crushed ice, then stirring in a dash of sugar syrup or palm sugar, a generous measure of rum, then topping it off with ginger beer.

The birds can keep the maraschinos.

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