Attic Studio

Posted on November 3, 2012


Well, would you look at that?

Checking on previous posts Attic Attack and Something in the Attic I see that it’s exactly a year since the renovation began.

I have now moved in and I’m busy making the most of my new workspace. It is brilliant to have a whole new floor of the house in use. A space that was there all along but needed a lot of thought and an awful lot of work to realise its potential.

Now it’s place for my props and backgrounds:


Somewhere that I can display a few photos and prints:

A quiet zone where I can work and welcome people with a cup of coffee…


But most of all, it’s somewhere with plenty of light and space to take photographs.


So far I’ve mostly been using it for people pictures. Portraits, if you will.

…and I’m loving it.

It certainly makes a difference from photographing cakes.

Although their will be cakes and lots of other food to boot. I just need to ferry it up to the attic now, so there is a high possibility of it getting eaten on the way.

Claire Sutton Images