Ruby Gin Fizz

Posted on July 15, 2012


We’re back on the wagon.

No…not that one. Don’t be ridonkulous.

The reduced carbs/crisps/cakes wagon. It’s really tedious. Normally I would turn the raspberries, tayberries and loganberries from the garden into some sort of baked pudding that I can drown in double cream, or I’d make a fool for myself like I did last year.

This year I’m replacing fat with alcohol.

Really, nothing could be easier than a gin fizz.

I tell a lie, drinking gin straight from the bottle would be much easier but I am told that it’s frowned upon and I should really get a glass. Also, you’ve got to get your five a day from somewhere, so why not from cocktails?

I made a fruit syrup by cooking a bowl (300g) of red berries with quite a lot (200g) of sugar. I let it boil until it became syrupy; 5 minutes…10 minutes? I wasn’t counting. Then I pushed it all through a sieve to remove any manky bits, pips, greenfly etc.

As it cooled I wondered about stirring the thickest of the ruby red syrup into fat free yoghurt, I thought that I could pretend it was a delicious fool.

In opposites world.

The rest I poured over ice, squoze* in some lime, added gin and topped with soda.

Kids like this too. Just leave out the gin.

* yes squoze. As surely it should be the true past tense of squeeze.