Raspberry Coconut Macaroons

Posted on April 7, 2012


Do you ever see a recipe and get the feeling you are going to have to try it out?

I got that feeling when I saw these raspberry macaroons from Smitten Kitchen on Pinterest.

The idea of smooshing fresh raspberries into a simple coconut macaroon is inspired. I particularly like that fact that many different iterations have already been baked, so this is a recipe that’s refined and ready to go.

My ice cream scoop made huge macaroons that are a bit of mouthful, so the smaller tablespoon sized ones worked out better for us. They are delicious: fruity, soft and chewy all at the same time.

They only need a coolish oven to set the egg white, 155 degrees fahrenheit was enough to bronze the magenta marbled mounds. The recipe is a simple mix of sweetened coconut, pulverised in the food processor with extra sugar, egg whites, almond extract and a punnet of raspberries.

I won’t share the quantities here as it seems only fair that you hop over to Smitten Kitchen to read the full details.

I also won’t share a picture of the X-Rated ones that I drizzled with white chocolate

…because they’re all gone.