Egg #1

Posted on March 31, 2012


Bless her.

One of our new chickens laid her first ever egg this morning!

She seems very pleased with herself and we are too. George dashed out this morning to check the nesting box ‘just in case’ and was excited to find a warm little egg nestling in the straw.

Rusty (temporary name, may stick with it) moved in to chickenopolis with Snowy (not named ironically, just due to her silvery plumage) and she has surprised and delighted us all with her efforts. She is only 19 weeks old so we had expected a bit of a wait.

We hope that it’s the first of many and will increase the egg count of future posts.

More chicken news soon….when we have found a way to stop Ernie trying to ‘play’ with them.

If anyone is interested in the coop that we bought this is it on Amazon COCOON CHICKEN COOP HEN HOUSE POULTRY ARK NEST BOX NEW WITH ROOF TO BE FULLY OPENED – GIANT 8FT MODEL (but we bought ours in the sale!)

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