Child Free Pumpkin

Posted on October 2, 2011


Every year we get a pumpkin or two and have great plans of what we are going to carve into it.

Every year George get’s bored after about 10 minutes of seed scooping and goes off to do something else. I end up standing in the kitchen with pumpkin goo up my sleeves wondering why I bother.

So last year when he wandered off mid scoop I decided to use a hammer to crack the nut….or should I say drill to carve the pumpkin.

I used Ed’s cordless drill fitted with a 1/2″ auger bit* and set about a bit of drilling. It is surprisingly satisfying drilling a pumpkin. Nearly as good as writing on a banana skin with a biro, but not quite.

*I just had to ring Ed to ask him which  drill bit I used. I am still a ‘bit’ of a girl.

So there it is…

…a quick pumpkin; no children required.

(Except for when I made him run behind it with his spinny light thing to make this slow shutter release photo look cool)


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