Baby Shower

Posted on August 10, 2011


As Deb’s baby is only a few weeks away, yesterday we had an impromptu baby shower type gathering at Housley & Co headquarters.

As you can imagine…we weren’t short of a cake or two. The most impressive being the towering pastel confection made by Louise. I love the little flags and ‘shower clouds’ that she made too.

I was supposed to make lemon and pistachio macarons, but we had to make do with scones and mini lemon meringues due to circumstances that you may read about in a future blog post called “Why I will never make macarons again”

So while the children were busy in the garden doing the things that kids do (trampolining, climbing trees, drinking smoothies and running about squealing) we got down to a serious amount of catching up and eating cake.

We tried not to talk about placentas and stitches too much. But put a bunch of young(ish) mothers together and you know how it is. I mostly got distracted taking pictures of angel faced little Pippa.

All the best Deb and David…and try to keep your legs crossed until we get back from our holiday.

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