Alcove Unit

Posted on August 6, 2011


Keen eyed readers may recall this post from a while back, which marked the beginning of a project to provide an alcove unit in our hybrid study/back sitting room. Now I’ve looked at the dates and realised its taken nearly 5 months to finish, I’ll add that to the pile of reasons why I don’t do this for a living. Obviously it’s not actually 5 months work, but you know how things come up and an alcove unit seems an easy thing to slip down the list for another day…anyway, tadaaa its finished!

The unit was designed to pick up on some of the details from the original on the left, but not intended to be a copy. The original unit has over 100 years of wear and tear so the new one will never have quite the same ‘lived in’ look, for that reason I’ve deliberately kept the new unit crisper and differently laid out.

I’ll spare you a tedious essay on how it was made, hopefully the following photo montage will paint a picture.

The transformation is enormous, aside from the extra storage the room is now brighter and feels somehow more finished. If my unit matches the lifespan of the original, the 5 month wait will seem pretty irrelevant in 100 years time.

Thanks for looking


PS – I carved the little pair of wooden boots, but not the penguins…..just in case you were wondering.

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