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Posted on February 22, 2011


It was Ed’s birthday last week and as well as bestowing upon him the crazy custard cake we gave him this:

A drawing of our house by the very talented Lucy Sheeran, complete with little Ern on his window seat.

Those who know me will already have heard the story of how I used to love this house when I was little. It’s on the same street as my first school and I hankered after the pretty veranda and ‘proper house shape’ of it. I said I would like to live here when I grew up.

So, when 8 years ago, it came up for sale ‘just for a laugh’ we decided to come and have a look at it. We chuckled all the way around the house, as although we loved its original features and quirks, it was very run down, had been empty for over a year and was way over our budget.

Not long afterwards we put our own new-build house on the market and were surprised to get 3 offers in 24 hours. We went to sealed bids and in the end we got way over our asking price. So we made a silly offer on this house. Eventually after some quite protracted negotiations we ended up here. The journey to renovate our house had begun…and it’s still underway.

I was so pleased when I found out that Lucy was now drawing houses so I wasted no time in asking her to draw ours as a gift for Ed. I had it expertly framed by Pete at Hall of Frames in Belper.

Formerly an Interior Designer, Lucy now makes hand drawn greetings cards and stationery commissions. I have met Lucy at several fabulousplaces.co.uk events and we travelled over to her lovely home in Kniveton a few weeks ago to interview and photograph her for the etc guide.

In the magazine we are having a ‘Meet the Makers’ section to tell you about Lucy and some other creative people in Derbyshire, who make fabulous things.

If you want to find out more, then you’ll have to buy a copy of etc, launching in April!

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