Happy Birthday, Boy

Posted on December 11, 2010


Today is the boy’s 9th birthday. George requested a chocolate cake. His wish is my command. I can’t believe where the last 9 years have gone.

I made Nigella’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake and it looks lovely. We can’t try it yet though as we are off to The Lego Discovery Centre.

We tasted a lot of the cake mix and the icing when we were making it, so if it’s as good as the sum of its parts then it should be delicious.

Happy Birthday George x


Bakers notes: We ate the cake…and the cake was good. It makes much more than the 8 slices Nigella states.

It’s not a light ‘victoria sponge’ style, it’s quite sturdy. The icing is delicious, you can really taste the golden syrup and real chocolate adding flavour. I used a plain Belgian chocolate, not a 70% type one as that would have been too strong I think.

I just tried a slice heated in the microwave for 30 seconds and it makes a fabulous hot chocolate fudge style dessert with an dollop of something suitably creamy on top.

This is a really easy cake to make as it is an all-in-one method and the frosting is easy to do too.

The only difference to the written recipe was that I used greek yoghurt in place of the sour cream, this worked fine and gives it a good tang to balance out the chocolate.

Here is the recipe: Nigella’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

One more thing: I found it very pleasing that when you make the cake you use a large portion of a pack of butter, and the bit left over is exactly the amount needed for the frosting.

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