Market Kitchen

Posted on December 8, 2010


I had a fabulous day at Optomen Studios, filming for Derbyshire Week at Market Kitchen.

The show aired on Thursday 9th December at 7pm on the Good Food Channel.

Leslie Jordan was a guest, he is perhaps most well known for his “Beverley’ character in Will & Grace, was the sweetest, funniest person you could ever wish to meet. This was his first visit to the UK and he seemed mystified by all things British, including the funny names for things like ‘bangers & mash’. His southern drawl is addictive to listen to and he has some hilarious stories to tell.

But bless him, when asked what was his favourite food of the day, above all the chef-y food he said he liked my cake the best, with lots of jersey cream butter.

Steve from Croots at Duffield was there filming several shows, so we had a good chat about local stuff as I visit his farm shop regularly. Penny Smith was the perfect host, sneaking off and finding bits of food for us to try.

During filming I sat with Tim Haywood who is this weeks resident food critic. We properly got stuck into the food, to the extent that by the time the camera had turned to us we had nearly eaten our share. We got on well as we had lots to talk about regarding food, cooking and food writing. I spent my journey home reading a copy of Fire & Knives, for which Tim is Editor. Great stuff.

Co-Host Matt Tebbutt and Guest Chef Jason Atherton managed to prepare really fantastic food for us all to try, whilst it was all filmed ‘as live’. It’s quite odd as it is all filmed like a live tv show with ad breaks and ‘cut to VT’ bits. I was trying to watch the VT of me making and blogging the tea loaf at home, but we were whisked through to the tasting room for everyone to taste one of the 3 cakes that I’d taken with me.

Getting photos, even just with my pocket camera, was tricky as the runners kept running off with my bag, as I couldn’t have it on set during filming, so I just managed to take a few shots as we were finishing up at the end.

I just had to grab a picture of myself in the ‘make up’ room with lights round the mirror. All very glam for a country girl like me.

Then, just as I was leaving Leslie came into the green room overjoyed at being given one of Wendy’s Quirky Cookies with ‘bangers and mash’ iced onto it! Wendy, who is a friend from Derbyshire, is being featured on one of the programmes in Derbyshire Week too.

Thanks for Charlotte from Cupcake Corner and Jules from Butcher, Baker for suggesting me to the researchers for Market Kitchen. It was fun!

If you are looking for the cake recipe here it is: Derbyshire Tea Loaf

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