Posted on November 17, 2010


I don’t remember quite how this happened, but a while ago our Twitter friend Marley Terrier told Debora at Licked Spoon that he bet I could even make kibble look delicious.

Today I got the perfect opportunity to try and prove the theory when Ernie received a gift through the post. He’d won a prize as a Twitter follower of Lily’s Kitchen Diner, which is a fabulous looking pop up diner for dogs in London, that offers extras.

The delivery guy asked if ‘Ernie the Border Terrier’ could sign for the package as that was who it was addressed to. I chose to sign for him, his handwriting’s not up to scratch.

There’s a big bag of kibble and cute little cheese and apple treat bones and a couple of cans or ‘proper dog food’.

Ern is beside himself.

I should actually say he is very much beside me as I am trying to take photos and sex them up for Marley.

Incidentally you must have a look at Marley’s Blogpost about his visit to Lily’s Pop Up Diner. I wish we lived a bit closer as it looks like great fun.

Get ready for the money (boney) shot…

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