Grate new fire

Posted on November 11, 2010


Since we moved in the fire in the living room has mainly been held together with jubilee clips and hope. When the shaped fire bricks fell out of the back it was time to get it sorted properly.

I took what was left of the cast iron fire grate to a local blacksmith to see if he could fix it.

All we had was the front of the Edwardian grate really, but we didn’t want to lose it as we think it would have been original to the house.

Steve from Little Eaton Smithy had to build and attach a bespoke frame for a new grate to sit in.

We’re really pleased with the result, now we’ve sprayed it up and gave it a polish with fire blacking.

With that sorted Ed set about rebuilding the fire back with fire cement, which I gather was a little like sculpting the sistine chapel out of black plasticine.

Then we dug out this motley collection of quarry tiles that used to be the floor of the pantry.

Ed and the boy scrubbed and acid bathed them and they have ‘come up lovely’. A pleasing bit of recycling.

It’s a cold wet Tuesday afternoon now. The tiling is done and the fire in place, so even though we are out of coal I couldn’t resist a little blaze to test it out. I’m burning some old laths and floorboards here I think.

Although an open fire is a pain to clean out and refill, there is nothing better to huddle around on a cold night.

…or even afternoon.

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