Chutney 2010

Posted on September 16, 2010


After 2 bumper years of courgettes and subsequent courgette chutney, this year was a bit different.

Ok – well it’s perhaps not as different as it looks.

I got carried away with photo filters pimping my chutney. You see it looked too much like every other jar of chutney. This year we were awash with green tomatoes. Meanwhile the courgette harvest was a bit mimsy.

I typed into Twitter “What shall I do with these green tomatoes” and at the very same moment Issy from Fennel and Fern Tweeted this recipe for green tomato chutney.

In the week it took me to get around to making this some of the tomatoes had actually turned red, so it took an hour or so’s simmering to cook out the juice and make it nice and gloopy.

It’s a simple recipe so if you have a stash of green tomatoes the quantities you need are in the comments below. It’s mainly stock cupboard stuff and I changed the quantities and ingredients a little to fit what I had in.

It tastes good already, but I am going to let it mature for a while for a treat later in the year.

UPDATE: It was really delicious, a rich aromatic chutney, great with a good strong cheese. The only thing I would change is that I would halve the cinnamon to 1tsp.