Brown Sugar and Yoghurt Cake

Posted on September 13, 2010


This Brown Sugar Cake is reminiscent of a brownie, yet it’s not chocolatey.

George thinks it’s the best cake ever! He IS my biggest fan.

The main flavour comes from the 3 types of sugar: Demerara, granulated and muscovado.

Plus some depth from vanilla extract and lemon zest.

Then a couple of eggs, followed by flour and some baking powder.

Followed by a good portion of greek yoghurt. Then it goes into what Aran at Cannelle et Vanille calls a quarter sheet pan. I had to Google that as I didn’t know what one was! It translates as a 9″ x 13″ pan, so the closest I had was my Le Creuset roasting tin.

I think using the cast iron pan stopped the heat transferring to the cake batter as quick as it could have done so it didn’t rise too much.

But no matter, as it made deliciously dense brownie type cakes studded with muscovado sugar swirls.

Ed had his with a cup of tea. George wandered round the house eating it and I had mine with a dollop of greek yoghurt drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

This recipe is from one of my very favourite food and photography sites Cannelle et Vanille. I searched on Aran’s site for a yoghurt based recipe to use some greek yoghurt sent to me by Total. They asked me if I would try out some recipes using the range.

These pots of yoghurt are the only thing I have ever gained for writing this blog, so I hope I don’t offend you by sharing my yoghurt windfall with you!

Although I love greek yoghurt and we eat it a lot with honey and granola, plus I add it to savoury dishes I haven’t done much baking with it so I thought I would follow someone elses recipe to test out the waters.

Let me know if you try it. Recipe details are here along with Aran’s amazing photographs.


I baked this again yesterday and have some points of note:

  • For the British cooks out there, a brownie pan works well for this
  • I lined my pan with one sheet of parchment and butter
  • I used Clover not butter this time
  • I used more muscovado and less granulated sugar to ‘up the dark sugar’ flavour
  • 5g is around 1 tsp baking powder
  • 350 is around 175 degrees
  • 20 minutes to bake this is NOT LONG ENOUGH! 35 minutes for me, until the centre firms up.
  • Don’t use Munch Bunch yoghurt instead of Greek next time.