Bramble Crumble

Posted on August 22, 2010


It started with these berries.

Found this little lot just at the end of the garden, sneaking over the fence.

They were so gorgeous we had to pick them.

Found these plums.

They were destined to be together.

And a few raspberries too…just because.

Added a crumble topping.

25 minutes in a hot oven

It’s what they would have wanted.


Crumble Topping

5oz plain flour

3oz butter

– Rub together –

Add 1 or 2oz Demerara Sugar

2oz Soft Brown Sugar

2oz Rolled Oats

1oz flaked almonds

– Stir –

Put on top of fruit

If you fruit is ‘tart’ add a spoonful of sugar to it

– 25 minutes at 180 degrees –