Step it up

Posted on August 19, 2010


When I first thought of building a nice deep Japanese style soaking tub, I had it in the back of my mind that getting in and out might be an issue for those of shorter stature. I then forgot all about that and got down to the complex business of completely rebuilding a bathroom. The issue rapidly resurfaced from the back of my mind when the first bathtime came around, so a quick step was needed to fill the need;

The step is made from some oak I bought from a tree surgeon years ago and has been waiting the right project ever since. Most of what I bought ended up in the burner as it had warped and checked as it dried, this was one of the good bits.

The through tenons are finished with Ebony wedges, which serve a practical purpose of wedging the tenon tightly into the mortise and also add a little decorative interest. All finished in Danish Oil, which should be durable for the bathroom environment and shows the beautiful medullary rays in the quarter sawn oak (the pale coloured wiggly lines for non-woodies)

So, no more excuses about not stepping up like a man when its bathtime.


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