Not Nut Bread

Posted on July 27, 2010


This months Fresh From The Oven bread baking challenge was for a Wholemeal Walnut Bread.

I have a confession.

I don’t like walnuts.

That’s not strictly true. I remember eating a whole bowl full of walnuts whilst staying in a farmhouse in France many years ago. They were straight from the tree outside and we had to smash them open with a bread board. I think I quite liked those at the time, although I think that was something to do with the where and the how. So generally, walnuts aren’t my thing.

I decided to make this bread anyway, as I had missed last months challenge and didn’t want to make a habit of it. Thank for this months recipe that was hosted by Sarah of Simply Cooked.

I had a few issues with the ‘sponge’. I kept putting the yeast in the warm water and it wouldn’t froth up. On the 3rd try I decided to go with it anyway, as I know I have used this batch of yeast for other things and it’s been okay.

Once I made the sponge it seemed to bubble away fine. Lesson learned. I think it is because I use easybake yeast and it doesn’t respond well to the warm water/frothing thing, but is best when it has some flour to work with. I even left the sponge overnight and it was still happy doing its thing the next day.

The dough made enough for 2 loaves so I put one into a 1lb loaf tin and left the other boule stylie. I still added walnut oil, just left the nuts themselves out.

It made a lovely rich, good textured loaf with a nice, slightly sweet flavour, due to the honey. I think I would add more salt if I made it again as I think my Maldon Sea Salt, when measured in teaspoons ends up being less quantity than table salt.

We had the round loaf with soup yesterday, still warm from the oven. I polished off the rest of it with chocolate spread for supper.

The tin loaf made a smashing sandwich today with strips of chicken, Little Gem Lettuce from the garden and a side order of our own weeny new potatoes in mayonnaise. I think it will also be good toasted, I will find out in the morning.

I’m glad I’m back on track and looking forward to next months challenge.