Bathroom Part 3

Posted on July 31, 2010


Fanfare please!

The bathroom. It’s finished.

No more will the boy have to tiptoe (like an elephant) through our room to use our bathroom and finally I can brush my teeth without battling with an eight year old for sink space.

There are a few finishing touches that we need to add, a toilet roll holder and some sort of shelf and a perhaps a plant, but that’s all icing on the cake.

Although this is officially the houses ‘main bathroom’, George has come to think of it as ‘his bathroom’ because we built an en suite in what was our spare bedroom a couple of years ago.

The highlights of the final layout consists of a heated floor with tiles from our local ‘Country Tiles’.

A heated towel rail radiator, a toilet with a soft close seat, to avoid him waking us up in the night. You will be pleased to know I resisted the urge to add the photo I took of it soft-closing on a long exposure.

A deep soaking tub where the water comes from a bath filler and is controlled by external taps.

Plus a quadrant shower cubicle in preparation for when he is a stinky teenager.

George has requested some bits and bobs to go on a shelf to personalise it, including a ‘Tiki Head’ by which I think he means some sort of ‘Easter Island’ type thing. So that’s on the things to find list. Until then he has just put in his collection of shiny stones and shells.

…which gives me chance to show Ed’s lamination technique for the oak to ensure that it won’t be effected by a steamy bathroom environment.

All in all this has been a huge task for Ed. As you may have seen in Part 1 and Part 2 of the bathroom story he really has had to rebuild this room from the ground up. He has done everything himself from adding a new floor and ceiling to plastering, cabinet making, plumbing, electrics and tiling, but we have ended up with something that is perfect for our needs and with a quality and attention to detail that can’t be bought.