First Pasta Post

Posted on July 2, 2010


Back in September we sowed some Cavalo Nero

It’s been producing leaves through the Winter frosts

Right into the Summer

This is what we like to do with it

Snip out the central stalk

Slice it into ribbons

and give it a rinse

Take a garlic clove or two

Chop it small. Then take a pack of pancetta…

I find it easier to chop that up with scissors

Get some pasta on the boil

Fry off the pancetta until it’s getting crispy

then add the garlic too

then add the lovely green cavalo nero and cook it down until soft

…savoy cabbage or spring greens work well too

Grate some cheese. This time I used parmesan and some cheddar,

oh, and a good dollop of butter, but you could use Philadelphia too.

Here’s an important bit…scoop a cupful of water from the boiling pasta, then drain the rest

Stir the pasta into the cabbagey bacon, then add the cheese and butter

Splosh some of the hot pasta water from the cup back in, to make it creamy

Plate up

Add plenty of black pepper and some more parmesan



Printable recipe