Two Experiments and a Competition

Posted on October 7, 2009


I made a fairly ordinary meal last night of sausage and mash, but had a hankering to experiment a bit on the side. I had seen a photograph on Foodgawker of Hasselback potatoes on a blog called Seasaltwithfood and wanted to try them.

So in addition to a mountain of fluffy mashed potato (I always make too much and also can’t tell you how much better your mash will be if you use a potato ricer) I made a few Hasselbacks. They are of Swedish origin and I think they look fantastic, and they taste pretty good too.

I wasn’t sure if you should peel the potatoes first so I did one peeled and two not. I would definitely not peel them next time. The trick to the slicing is to put a chop stick along each of the long sides of the tato and cut down onto that so that the cuts do not go right through. A slice off the base helps to steady them.

Then it’s just a case of a slug of olive oil, sea salt and pepper and some shards of butter then into a hot oven for 45 minutes or so. I will follow Angie’s advice next time and add some garlic slivers. I have just eaten one cold for lunch after I finished making cute little tiles at a ceramic workshop at George’s school.

The second experiment was photographing them. I am going through a learning process with my new Nikon Speedlight Flash, so I was trialling working with the flash off camera, triggered remotely. Ed was nudged from the table in the study whilst I moved hot potatoes and bits of reflective paper around the desk to take this one in what otherwise would have been a shot clothed in darkness.

The competition is one I entered on Gardening Blog Fennel and Fern.

This photograph of an Allium Christophii in the garden was shortlisted this week.

Thanks to everyone who voted for my photo…but it didn’t win. A pretty picture of a poppy pipped me to the post.