Dutchmen in the kitchen

Posted on October 11, 2009


No its not Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Rembrandt or Eddie Van Halen; a dutchman is also a timber patch to cover a defect.  In our much used kitchen (installed by the previous owners of the house) the worktop had been varnished, which has trapped moisture and led to some small areas starting to break down;

When the worktop is in regular use for pastry and breadmaking this is a real issue, so with no plans to replace the kitchen at this stage some repair work is the only option.

A template is made to the desired shape, oversized by a certain amount to allow a guide bush to ride around the inside.

The clever bit is that the hole is routed out the worktop following the template with a collar on the guide bush. The collar is then removed to cut out the patch, which compensates for the width of the cutter and makes a patch that perfectly matches the hole previously cut. Simples.

The patches are glued with a foaming polyurethane glue and clamped

Once the glue is cured the whole thing is planed flush

Finally a coat of new varnish to finish the job

I am now coming to the realisation that Sunday teatime may not have been the best time to do this, as the production of roast chicken and vegetables is at risk. Claire is balanced on the only bit of unvarnished worktop peeling carrots as I type!


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