Blighty Potatoes

Posted on July 23, 2009


Our whole, quite large, potato crop seems to have been struck down with the blight.  I am not quite sure why but talking about it makes me want to talk like a pirate, which is a bit odd.

A week or two ago we noticed that the leaves were starting to look a bit ropey, then almost overnight they have all died down. I have followed the wisdom that I have gleaned from the internet and have chopped down all the leaves and earthed up well. I am told it is our ever erratic July weather that has hastened the blighty conditions, lots of warmth and rain.

As you can see from the photograph the potatoes themselves seem to be okay. These are a selection of first earlies, main crop and Pink Fir Apples. Will be trying the first strange looking PFA’s for tea tonight.

Yarr…watch out for the blight me hearties