Carrot Cakes

Posted on March 21, 2016


Carrot Cupcakes on Thingswemake

I had fun making these cakes for this month’s Center Parcs blog.

I’ve wanted to share these mini carrot cakes with you for a while. It’s a failsafe recipe and they are very moist and moreish, especially with the tangy cream cheese frosting.

Instead of my usual standby of making cakes and sticking mini eggs on top, I decided to make teeny carrots out of fondant. I had a pleasing little production line going and made far more than I needed, so George and Ed ate them as sugar filled snacks for the rest of the week.

Easter seems to have become a huge retail event lately. I can’t believe the amount of Easter-themed products and decorations in the shops this year. I shan’t be decorating my house for Easter, or buying lots more food than normal, but I will be making carrot cupcakes.

The Easter Bunny doesn’t usually bring me a chocolate egg, so I am going to eat his cakes.

Carrot Cupcakes on ThingswemakeCarrot Cupcakes on ThingswemakeCarrot Cupcakes on Thingswemake Carrot Cupcakes on Thingswemake  Carrot Cupcakes on Thingswemake Carrot Cupcakes on Thingswemake Carrot Cupcakes on Thingswemake   CarrotCake-8864-Edit

If you’d like the recipe click here where there’s the recipe for the cake and frosting and instructions for making the carrots.

There’s even a downloadable template for the easter bunting, ‘cos I’m nice like that.

Happy Easter!