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Posted on May 10, 2013


I’m pretty sure most of you probably know about Pinterest, spend a large amount of time on Pinterest, heck…probably arrived here by Pinterest.

This week Pinterest officially launches in the UK. For those of us Brits that use Pinterest already we are happily Pinning away on the dotcom site: I just scroll past the über American pins that involve products I don’t recognise.

Pinterest is just a free online tool for collecting, organising and sharing things: An online Pinboard, if you will.

You can “pin” things from around the web onto your personalised pin-boards.

Just for lolz I pin all the stuff that we make: so I have a things we made board.


I also have boards for ‘Kitchen Design Inspiration’ to help me collect my random and varied thoughts about how I want our kitchen to be, a ‘Things I want to cook’ board along with boards for ‘Funny’ and ‘Photos I like’. It’s really useful for planning an upcoming event, or for showing people a general concept that you have in mind.

Like Twitter it can be whatever you want it to be, depending on what your interests are and who you follow. If want endless posts about ‘how to fishtail plait your hair’ or ‘make an ombre cake’ you will be well catered for, but there are boards to cover anything you care to imagine.

I have a fondness for the tiled layout. It pleases me that everything fits in the same size columns to give you an ever scrolling page of images. 

When Apryl first told me about Pinterest I didn’t quite understand what it was. It was a bit of a secret society and ‘by invitation only’. Since I have become a fully fledged Pinner…or is it Pinnee? I have had many similar conversations, watching blank faces as they try to understand what the point of it is. Then I smile to myself as I see their pin boards gradually fill with ideas and images over the coming weeks.

Sometimes certain pictures get in a loop of being re-pinned over and over again. Our ‘Honey Cloud Pancakes‘ is one of those. It’s been the most popular re-pinned post for months now, this photo alone has brought ¼million people to our blog! Madness.

On any given day the thingswemake page looks like this:


Pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes.

Truth is, it’s not even one of my favourite posts, but the people have spoken: The people want pancakes.

Now, when I have a spare 10 minutes I would rather have a scroll through some purdy Pins than read irrelevant snippy updates on Facebook.

If you don’t have an account, you can come and play with us by using this registration link or click on it anyway to give me a follow.

We are taking part in a wee thing called ‘Pin It Forward’ where we introduce you to someone else on Pinterest…to get you going so to speak, so may I introduce you to Joanna Marshall from At Home with Mrs M.

Pin It Forward UK 2013

Joanna  is on Pinterest as Madamding and is a mother of two. She lives in the countryside with eight cats, two dogs and two in-laws. She has wide ranging interests from genealogy to fashion to interior design to history to celeb gossip meaning absolutely anything can and will appear on her blog At Home with Mrs M.

Come and join us on Pinterest.

Pin ya later…dudes.

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