2013 Calendar

Posted on January 1, 2013



What better way to start the first day of a new year than with a new calendar? Any Mayan readers of this blog, I’m looking at you, except let’s stick with the Gregorian this time and things will work out better.

This calendar has the added bonus of being filled with beautiful pictures of fine tools. I know you all prefer pictures of cake, but for a small group of my woodworking friends this calendar hopefully made an enjoyable Christmas gift that will be useful to them all year. Despite the fact that digital media is at the core of most things we do now, both Claire and I enjoy images in a physical form; printed artefacts somehow allow images to be appreciated in a different way than just seeing them on a screen. At heart maybe we’re offspring of the print era, just pretending to be all digital like the cool kids.




I was so pleased with the images that I had prints made to frame and hang in the workshop. I did wonder if having pictures of the tools and the tools themselves in the same room might create some kind of doppleganger effect where the whole lot cancelled each other out and vapourised, but you’ll be relieved to know that’s not happened so far. Just as well, I’m definitely not covered for that on my insurance.



I’m not particularly one for New Years resolutions and predictions, but since it’s just us talking here, I will say that I am resolved to spend more time using these wonderful tools during the year and I predict that pictures of cake will return to your screens very soon.

Happy New Year from Things {We} Make

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