Lovely Letterpress

Posted on October 17, 2012


You may already know of my love of Letterpress and that I occasionally like to add to my collection with a print from Jacqui who created our things{we}make logo.

Last week I happily spent a day in Jacqui’s new studio learning a little more about the process.

From choosing the antique wood block letters and thick oil based inks that have been salvaged from old printworks, to setting the leading, with actual strips of lead. It’s a hands-on process that’s a world away from how most people create text today and it creates a finished product with texture and depth.

The Print for Love of Wood studio was originally an engineering works servicing the textile trade and then a slipper factory where Jacqui’s Mum once worked. It’s now a treasure trove of printing equipment and vintage finds and it has a lovely feel to it.

I hope I have managed to capture some of that in these images.



Thank you to Jax for welcoming me into her studio, for taking me round some fab junk shops…and for buying lunch!

If you feel the need for your own bit of letterpress here’s a link to Print for Love.