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Recently I was thrilled to be asked to produce a series of images for a Radio 4 drama: Craven.

I can see what you are thinking “Photos for radio? How does that work?” Well, the photos and flyers are to promote the series for the BBC, through the press and online.

So early one Sunday I set off for Delph, the location for the recording. On the way I stopped off on the moors to photograph the crime scene of Craven 4, the afternoon play.

Craven is written by Amelia Bullmore and Produced and Directed by Justine Potter, so whilst Justine and Amelia worked with the actors I commandeered a spare bedroom to portray the main character’s relationships.

I had a couple of minutes with each actor to show the 12 characters from the series.

These can be used online as the series unfolds. Hence the 16:9 format which fits with the image sizes for Radio Times online.

I added their name and a quote so the photos can serve as a mini bio for each character. You might recognise a lot of the faces from ‘Shameless’ as it seemed to be a bit of a cast reunion.

All the actors were so nice to work with. David Crellin who plays Terry Bird was not at all surly as his character looks in this photo. He was usually to be found in the kitchen between scenes, making cups of tea and making everyone feel at home.

I had a quick scout around the neighbourhood and found a dark alley and some lock up garages to give the photos the same feel as the cool, gritty audio style.

On the second day of shooting and, George came along as my photographers assistant and he even got involved in creating the odd sound effect.

He was particularly taken with Maxine Peake, Michael Obiora and David Crellin, because they chatted to him as he lay across the floor of the grimy alleyway bouncing light up at their faces with a reflector.

This photo we took in a windy car park is my favourite of the day, and it will be used for Series 3.

I snapped a few ‘behind the scenes’ photos of the cast as they worked, the closing of my shutter and the sound of the lighting rig serving as extra sound effects for the forensic scene.

For the first time the actors used iPads for the script to avoid the rustle of paper and lost lines.

Technology at it’s best.

Except for David, who drew the short straw…so he didn’t get an iPad or a forensics mask and had to go old school with a paper script and improvise with a baby bib to ensure his voice sounded suitable muffled for the ‘cannabis farm’ scene!

We all stopped for cake to celebrate Brigit Forsyth’s birthday.

I throughly enjoyed being set photographer and producing the graphics for the flyers and bios, and I plan to get involved with more projects soon as we think it really raised the awareness of the production.


Craven Series 2 repeat

An interview with Amelia Bullmore about the play:

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