Espresso Martini

Posted on June 2, 2012


The first time I had an Espresso Martini was on my birthday at Jamie’s Italian.

I knew there and then that I had to recreate one at home. This meant that I had to venture out and buy Kahlua. I hid it among the groceries, embarrassed to be buying such a ‘holiday’ drink on the dreary Tuesday morning ‘big shop’.

It has become dangerously simple to make one of these now we have an espresso maker. We found out how easy drinking they are too on a girls-night-in a while ago. You can knock them back all evening, but beware, you’ll be up chattering away into the small hours as the coffee gives you an extra lift to keep you awake; like a less trashy Vodka and Red Bull.

Fancy one? Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add one measure of vodka, one of Kahlua and a small strong espresso and give it a good shake.

Pour it into a martini glass and drop in 3 coffee beans. The bartender at Jamie’s told me the beans signify luck, happiness and….well I can’t remember what the third thing was but you get the gist.

If you can’t bring yourself to buy coffee liqueur you can just increase the vodka and add sugar syrup for sweetness. I did that for a while until I used up all the sugar syrup, oh, and that one night where Mummy had got to go and have a little lie down before dinner.

I only do all this for you.

You know that, right?


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