House Work

Posted on May 16, 2012


I am in limbo.

My new attic studio is so tantalisingly close to being finished that I can’t bring myself to do my usual hunt round the house for the right light to take photographs of recipes in progress. I can’t wait to get set up in there and have all my photographic ‘stuff’ in one place and not littered all over the place.

It won’t be long. The carpet goes in on Monday, the radiators and lights are in and we finished painting the woodwork at the Weekend.

Every room takes an age to renovate, as with an old house nothing is simple. There is always a wall to be rebuilt, electrics to replace or ceilings to be plastered. Ed has pretty much done everything himself so it’s been a slow and steady slog…but with some lovely handmade details and furniture along the way. It’s been hard work (for him more than me) but it means that everything is bespoke; so different to our last ‘new’ house.

I’ve found some photos taken when we first looked at the house nearly 9 years ago and looking back it’s amazing how much it has changed.

Whilst I carry on testing and tasting recipes and make the final adjustments to my studio here are some ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots from our journey to make this home feel loved again.

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UPDATE: The Attic is now FINISHED!

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