Baked Eggs

Posted on May 1, 2012


I’ll grant you, these are not baked eggs. These are just eggs.

We write the days of the week on them so we remember when they were laid. It’s quite pleasing that Snowy lays the pale ones and Ginger…well she lays the ginger ones.

Clever girls.

They are not always so clever. I just had to cajole them in out of the rain. They were standing out there all bedraggled and confused, looking half their usual size.

They do only have brains as big as a peanut.

We baked some of their tasty lil’ eggs for lunch.

I buttered a couple of dariole moulds, coated them with parmesan and cracked in two eggs (as their eggs get bigger I won’t need to double up). Then I added a spoonful of cream, salt and pepper and a whisper of grated nutmeg.

Then I set the moulds in a tray of water in a moderate oven for 15 minutes.

Oops…some pancetta seems to have fallen in my egg.

How careless of me.